Saturday, November 27, 2010

Boise State: The Haters Are Coming Out in Masse

Let's hear it. I know it's coming and I know you Boise State haters can't wait to say your peace. You've been waiting for this day, so come on out with it.

The Broncos were the darling of the BCS, they were wanting a shot at the national championship, they thought they deserved it. That all ended on a cold Friday night in Reno, Nevada.

They had a chance to win the game in regulation but the game winning field goal sailed wide and Nevada had new life. That's all they would need to gain the momentum they needed to knock off the Broncos in overtime, 34-31.

So, on another college football Saturday morning, everyone and their mother wants a piece of Boise State. They want to use them as a punching bag and the trash talk has been coming fast and furious. It's not just coming from fans, it's coming from national writers, bloggers, as well as network analysts. They couldn't wait for this moment and they're playing the "I told you so" card more times than Lou Holtz calls Notre Dame a "great football team."

Far be it for me to sit here and tell you Boise doesn't deserve what's being said, but does it really need to get like this? Do you really need to call them "overrated?"

Let's give Boise State a little bit of credit. You wanted to blast their win over Virginia Tech and call it soft after the Hokies lost to James Madison. But, after a nine game winning streak, you now want to back track and say the Broncos couldn't beat the Hokies if they played that game again. Really?

Last year, the Broncos knocked off Oregon in the first game of the season. Then Oregon showed how strong of a team they were and the same naysayers came out and wanted to tell Boise they couldn't beat Oregon if they played later in the season. Not only that, but you wanted to hold that against them in the rankings. Really?

But, those two games were wins for Boise State. This game against Nevada didn't go that way. They lost this game. This wasn't a game that Boise gave away, this wasn't a game that Boise just didn't show up for. Boise State got beat by a good Nevada team.

Colin Kaepernick and Vai Taua went out as seniors with the biggest win of their careers. They got the win they had been searching for since they came on campus. Give those two guys a lot of credit because they wore the Boise State defense down late in the game and took advantage where they could.

So, if the haters want to come out and say all they want against Boise State, I will leave you with this. Schedule them. Beat them.

You can talk about their weak conference all you want. You can talk about their weak non-conference schedule all you want. However, if Alabama is willing to pay more than a million dollars to San Jose State for a game, why can't they pay the same to a team that is in the same conference?

Well, to be perfectly honest, it's not that they can't. They won't.

Boise State is still a good football team that was not the better team on this Friday night. They weren't the better team on the field in this one game. They were the second best team, and they got beat. Simple as that.

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