Thursday, March 10, 2011

New England Patriots' Safety Brandon Meriweather Accused of Shooting Two Men

Update: 9:11am CST - Boston Herald reporter Ian Rapoport spoke to Brandon Meriweather's legal guardian, Tim Bridges, who told him the shooting allegations were not true and went on to call them a "defamation of character."

Update: 8:37am CST - Seems this story is beginning to fall apart. According to Mike Gambardella of Big 3 Sports, a source close to Meriweather says the Patriots' safety was not involved in the shooting. The attorney that apparently was hired by the two alleged "victims" told WEEI that the actual shooter isn't known but he did say Meriweather was part of the investigation.

New England Patriots' safety, Brandon Meriweather, has been accused of shooting two men during an altercation at a Apopka, Florida house party in late February.

According to John Beattie of NESN, a friend of Meriweather had beaten up a woman at a local night club earlier in the evening. The woman's brother showed up at this house party and began to beat on Meriweather's friend which is when the former 2007 first round pick pulled a gun and fired.

The shot grazed the brother's face and struck another man in the head.

Though he has yet to be arrested, the two men who were injured have hired an attorney so either there could be either an arrest or at least a lawsuit in the near future.

However, Jeff Howe of NESN reports that after speaking to the Orange County Sherriff, Meriweather is not listed as a victim, suspect or witness in any police reports.

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