Wednesday, March 23, 2011

USC Trojans: Could Armond Armstead's Career Be in Jeopardy?

The USC Trojans could be without their best defensive lineman, Armond Armstead, after he checked himself into a hospital on Tuesday complaining of chest pains.

He sat out the team's first spring practice session and addressed the media afterwards as to what had happened and what the situation was.

"I was having some chest pains, so that's what caused me to go initially," Armstead said. "I'd been sick for a couple weeks -- it was an ongoing thing. I was coordinating with the trainers and the staff and then going to see the doctors, trying to figure out what was going on. I feel fine now, that's the thing. As soon as I got out of the hospital I was just at home chilling with my family and I felt great. I wanted to move the appointment up with the doctors to see if I could get the results sooner but the tests haven't come back yet."

USC expected Armstead to be one of their starting defensive lineman in 2011, but head coach Lane Kiffin continues to hold him out of practice until results come back from the doctors.

"We're still getting stuff back in," said Kiffin. "Some tests have not come back, so we're holding him out in the meantime."

While the Trojans' coaching staff could be looking on the bright side and hoping for the best for their young lineman, Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News reports that sources close to USC are worried that this could be a lot more serious than they want to believe.

Wolf says there are concerns this could be a heart problem. If that's the case, could it possibly end Armstead's football career?

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