Wednesday, April 20, 2011

105.3 FM The Fan's Gregg Henson Headed to WOWO 1190 AM in Fort Wayne?

Update: 8:24pm CDT - I talked to Gregg and he confirmed the rumors of his impending move to WOWO in Fort Wayne, IN. He told me, "I'm excited to join the legendary WOWO and can't wait to work with its tremendous staff"

After over two years at 105.3 FM The Fan in Dallas, the contract of former on air personality Gregg Henson was not renewed by CBS Radio, ending his time at the station.

There were questions as to what was going to happen with him as well as his morning co-host, Chris Jagger, after both were let go.

While there have been no rumors about Jagger and where he might end up, there are rumors about where Henson might end up. According to sources in the Dallas area, Henson is apparently headed to News Talk 1090 WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

There's been no official announcement from WOWO or from Henson himself but this would seem to make sense. He's originally from Detroit and this move would bring him closer to that area as well as to Ann Arbor to attend Michigan Wolverine games since he is an admitted Tigers' and Wolverine fan.
Once there is an official announcement, we'll let you know.

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  1. Sorry Chief but WOWO is on 1190 not 1090. 1090 is WFCV in FW and it's a Catholic station.

  2. You're right Juan, thanks for the catch on that. It's been fixed.

  3. Dallas' gain is Ft. Wayne's loss.

  4. Juan, WFCV is on 1090AM, but that is not the Catholic station in FW. 1450AM, WLYV is the Catholic station in Fort Wayne.

  5. Too bad he got stuck into a bad situation at the FAN. I literally believe that they set their talent up to fail. Such a powerful signal and such a weak delivery. The management edicts for taking so many calls and tests just grinds the flow to a halt.

    Good luck Henson in Indiana