Friday, April 15, 2011

Is Dez Bryant Considering Suing the NCAA Over His Suspension from Oklahoma State?

Dez Bryant just can not keep his name out of the news.

After being kicked out of an upscale mall in the Dallas area to owing several thousand dollars to a jeweler, it just seems wherever Bryant is drama is not far behind.

On Friday morning, according to a report from The Ben and Skin show on 103.3 FM ESPN Radio in Dallas, Bryant is apparently kicking around the idea of suing the NCAA over his suspension from Oklahoma State.

It apparently has to do with all the NCAA violations at Ohio State and head coach Jim Tressel only getting a give game suspension for withholding information and lying about what he knew. Bryant seemingly did the same about a relationship with former NFL star Deion Sanders and got handed a 12 game suspension.

If this is something he is seriously going after it's absolutely the wrong move. It will not do him any good to pursue this right now and it won't change the fact he was suspended and virtually forced to jump ship from college to the pros.

The NCAA is not going to apologize for the suspension they handed him and it's not going to change anything in how they handle the Ohio State situation. Nothing good comes of this so I'm hoping this is nothing but a rumor.

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