Sunday, May 15, 2011

Analysis and Video of TCU Linebacker Tank Carder

By Todd Kaufmann

If you have not watched the TCU Horned Frogs or been living under a rock, the last few seasons have been defined by the lock down defense. They have led not only their own conference but college football in total defense in each of the last two seasons.

Tank Carder - Rose Bowl Game - Wisconsin v TCUThey have not only shut down the best passing offenses around but running against them is almost next to impossible. If you have ever watched a TCU game you may have noticed a big presence behind the defensive line. A guy who registered 89 total tackles, 10 for a loss, in 2009 and 61 total tackles this past season.

At 6-foot-3 and 237 pounds, linebacker Tank Carder is exactly that. A tank, and he hits like one too. For those who watched the Rose Bowl saw the bone crushing hits he delivered on Badgers' quarterback Scott Tolzien.

Carder is the quarterback of the defense. He calls the plays and makes sure his guys are where they are supposed to be. He's constantly moving and gauging his routes before every snap of the ball. He has incredible instincts on the ball but has a tendency to be cut off from the play as well.

He stay back and follow the opposing quarterback or make him or his running back pay for trying to go up the middle. He makes plays when they are needed and never gives up on a play.

Carder's performance against Wisconsin was exactly what this team needed. Say what you want about Wisconsin being the underdog, make no mistake about it, the Horned Frogs were the team from the small conference. They were the team who should not be able to play with a big dog from the Big Ten.

The linebacker tied his season best for solo tackles with six, never registering more than three after his six solo tackle performance on the road against Colorado State.

He has one more year in the TCU uniform and one more year to prove he has what it takes to play at the next level. If he continues playing like he has in each of the last two seasons, he will have NFL teams lining up to draft him as their next starting linebacker.

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