Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Former Arizona State WR Kerry Taylor Throws Dennis Erickson Under the Bus

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If Arizona State Sun Devils' head coach Dennis Erickson would ever run for President of the United States, or any office for that matter, I don't know that Kerry Taylor would vote for him.

The former ASU wide receiver decided he was going to toss his former coach under the bus, run over him, back up, and run over him again just for good measure.

After doing an interview with a local television station, Taylor took to Twitter just to make absolutely sure his voice, and his displeasure, was heard by all who would listen.

Kerry Taylor Wide receiver Kerry Taylor #5 of the Arizona State Sun Devils runs with the ball after a reception past Henry Mitchell #11 of the Louisiana Monroe Warhawks during the college football game at Sun Devil Stadium on September 19, 2008 in Tempe, Arizona.
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

"Just did an interview about the problems of ASU football and why Dennis Erickson is NOT the right man for the job," Taylor tweeted. "I want ASU to win Pac12 Championships, all us ASU fans do. But in order for that to happen we need a new Head Coach. That's all I'm saying."
Tim Ring, the reporter who did the interview with Taylor, took to his own twitter account to let his viewers know when the interview would be played on the station.
"A lot of people are asking about the Kerry Taylor interview," he tweeted. "This will NOT air on Ch 3 tonight. Coach Erickson will get time to respond. The interview will be properly vetted with both sides getting a fair chance to have their say. The piece tentatively will air NEXT Sunday."
I don't know a lot of college football players who would be that open about their former head coach. But can you blame Taylor for what he said? Players who commit to certain universities do so with the hope and possible expectation that this program can win conference championships.
Erickson' first season as the head man at Arizona State ended with a 10-3 record, respectable for a first year head coach in a tough PAC-10, now PAC-12, conference.
Since then, however, the Sun Devils are a combined 15-21 and have missed the post season.
With the 2011 season coming up, ASU has a great chance to take home the PAC-12 South title especially with USC on bowl restrictions. This might be the one big chance Erickson has to prove Taylor wrong.
While I'm not going to say a former player can't have his own opinion, I will say it's not something the current players need to be worried about when practices start back up. They are going to be asked about it and there are going to be reporters who will try to get another player to agree with Taylor's comments.
When it's all said and done, the Sun Devils need to get past the problems a former player has with his former coach and worry about what happens on the field this coming season. That not only goes for the players but also for Erickson himself.
These quotes will follow him throughout this season, especially if the team begins to struggle. The only way he'll be able to shake off the thoughts of the former wide receiver, as well as the surrounding media, is to win games and prove they are a strong team in the PAC-12 conference.
Otherwise, Erickson might be shown the door before the 2011 season comes to a close.

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