Monday, June 6, 2011

Will Nebraska Cornhuskers' Recruit Bubba Starling Choose the Big Money of Major League Baseball?

On the day of the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft, you wouldn't think the Nebraska Cornhuskers would have much to worry about. All they should be worried about is getting ready for their debute season in the Big Ten.

Well, today is a completely different day and the Cornhuskers are worried.

Draft day: Reynolds talks Gardner's Bubba Starling
Photo courtesy: Kansas City Star
 One of their recruits, 18-year old phenom Bubba Starling, has Major League Baseball scouts foaming at the mouth and for good reason.

Starling is not only a standout quarterback at Gardner Edgerton High School in Kansas, but also a star pitcher in baseball as well. His arm strength allows him to throw pin point passes to receivers and a 95 MPH fastball by hitters. When he made his visit to the University of Nebraska, they put an idea in place which would allow the young athlete to play both sports. Something that doesn't come easy for anyone.

Since his trip to Nebraska, quarterbacks Kody Spano and Cody Green have left the team, leaving only Brion Carnes, a redshirt freshman, and sophomore standout and last year's starter, Taylor Martinez. It gives Starling an even better chance to battle for the starting role if not in 2011 than definitely in 2012.

But before he hits the football field, or even the baseball diamond, for the Cornhuskers, he will have the chance to be drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft on Monday night. And, since his family is being advised by super-agent Scott Boras, his chances of getting a big time contract with a major league team too much of a temptation to turn down.

But the Cornhuskers might have just given themselves a proverbial "ace in the hole." According to Mitch Sherman of ESPN, not only has new offensive coordinator Tim Beck continued to recruit him like Starling was still undecided as to where he was going to play his college ball, but the school's baseball team just hired a brand new coach who would make any baseball player stand up and take notice.

Former big leaguer and Nebraska alum, Darin Erstad.

Starling has given no indication that he is going to leave Nebraska for the big time money of the major leagues. Nor has he wavered from his plans of showing up in Lincoln in July to train with the team.

All Nebraska can do on Monday night is watch, wait, and hope Starling decides to keep his committment to the university instead of jumping ship to Major League Baseball.

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