Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ellis Hobbs: Eagle's Defensive Back Has Full Movement After Scare

This was one of those moments that sends chills up your spine. One of those moments that sends a collective hush through an entire stadium.

This is football and these are the kind of injuries that players and coaches alike fear. When the see one of their own go down and no movement for what seems like eternity, there's no question that most players would become gun shy once the injured player is taken off the field.

In Philadelphia, that moment happened in the second half of the game between the Eagles and the New York Giants.

Eagles' defensive back Ellis Hobbs, while returning a kick, was inadvertently hit helmet-to-helmet by Giants' defensive end Dave Tollefson.

You could see from the moment Hobbs was hit, his body went limp as it hit the ground. He remained face down for more than 10 minutes while trainers and medical staff attended to him.

Players from both teams either took a knee or looked on with concern. You could see some praying, some had their helmets off staring at their teammate, hoping for that little bit of movement to let them know that all would be ok.

When that movement didn't come, the concern grew even more.

Hobbs was eventually strapped down to a backboard and strapped down by medical workers to make sure there were no movements when they removed him from the field.

While there seemed to be no movement while he was down, Hobbs gave a very reassuring thumbs up as he was being removed from the field by stretcher. Something that sent the fans, and teammates alike, into cheers and claps.

According to the Philadelphia Enquirer, Hobbs was xrayed by the team and had full movements in his extremities.

The thumbs up by Hobbs, along with the news that he had full movements and xrays were negative, just added on to the good news that came with what could have been an injury that seemed to be a lot worse at first glance.

While the NFL can take all the precautions it wants to keep these kind of injuries from happening, this is football. While no one wants to see them or see a player succumbing to these injuries, unfortunately, there are going to be those moments.

Thankfully for Hobbs, he will see the field again this season once he's cleared by the medical staff.

For the Eagles, they made sure that they put the game in the win column for their teammate, a 27-17 win over the Giants.

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