Sunday, November 21, 2010

American Music Awards 2010: Taylor Swift Doesn't Get Interrupted and Rhianna has Red Hair

Growing up, I had to sit through I don't know how many award shows.

American Music Awards, Emmy's, Oscar's, and everything in between. For the most part, I would try not to pay attention, but then again, where else can artists, actors, and celebrities make political opinions I could care less about?

Give them an award, 30 seconds, and no script? What else could go wrong?

How about last year's AMA's when Taylor Swift was interrupted during her acceptance speech by Kanye West. Yes, there was no one more hated than him after his antics. But then again, it's about ratings right?

This year, so far, has gone without issue. Taylor Swift received an award and kept her speech short. Probably in fear that Kanye was about to come out of nowhere.

Then I see Rhianna get an award and she has red hair. I'm not talking about that red that fits most girls, I'm talking about outlandish, look at me, red hair. Oh wait, that's what the point is for most of these artists isn't it? Look at me.

I will have to give credit to Kid Rock for an outstanding song, and I mean that. He san a tremendous song about the problems his hometown of Detroit has gone through with the economy. He received a standing ovation after it was over, and rightly so. Well done sir.

So far, so good...for now.

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