Sunday, November 21, 2010

Taylor Martinez: Relax Husker Fans, the QB Isn't Going Anywhere

For those of you who are on Twitter, can you please not forget that just about every rumor that gets started there is almost never true?

But, it seems that we all forgot that because after a rumor got started that Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez had quit the Husker football team has turned out to not be true.

Several writers from ESPN and everywhere chased down this supposed news story and confirmed through not only Martinez's high school coach, but also through the University of Nebraska, that the Husker quarterback is still in fact on the team.

The rumor got started this afternoon, a day after Martinez got embarassed by his head coach, Bo Pelini, on the sidelines during Nebraska's loss to Texas A&M.

If he would have quit, Martinez would have been met with scorn and questions of his mental toughness. Something that would have stayed with him if he were to try out for the NFL.

For now, the quarterback remains in school unless something changes over the next week or so.

Again, if you see a rumor on Twitter, wait until a major network confirms it before you run with it yourself.

As I've learned, being a writer, it's better to be right than first.

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