Friday, December 10, 2010

Chris Petersen To Be Named Head Coach at Florida By Next Week?

Update: 11:03pm CST - I know I haven't posted any new updates but there really isn't anything new to report. However, knowing that Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore is going to be a Heisman finalist, Chris Petersen is going to give his quarterback center stage and not take away the spotlight from a player who deserves it at this point in his career.

There was, however, an interesting thought thrown out on Boise radio earlier this afternoon. Though Moore told Dan Patrick earlier today that he was coming back for his senior year, if Petersen were to leave Boise State, would Moore change his mind and head to the NFL? It's a thought to ponder...

More updates as I receive them tomorrow.

Update 5:14pm CST - Bianchi went on to say that he expects Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops to turn the Florida job down. He says Florida will go with a proven head coach and threw out the names Stoops and Petersen. If Stoops does turn them down, than Petersen is the guy that will more than likely land the job.

Update: 5:02pm CST - Terry Ford of KIDO Radio in Boise talked to Mike Bianchi with the Orlando Sentinel this afternoon who said Mullen would be a last option if the Gators get turned down by guys like Chris Petersen, Bob Stoops, and others.

Update: 3:08pm CST - According to ESPN Insider, the job is Chris Petersen's to have but only IF a former offer is turned down by Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops.

Update: 2:50pm CDT - Hearing buzz out of Boise that Chris Petersen is expected to be named the head coach at the University of Florida by Wednesday.

Update: 2:02pm CST - Contrary to, a source I spoke to said the fourth person that is either scheduled to have an interview or has already had one is UConn head coach Randy Edsall.

Update: 1:58pm CST - Brady Ackerman of WGGG in Ocala, FL was on Barnhart & Durham of 790 The Zone in Atlanta this morning and confirmed there are four candidates who have either interviewed or had interviews scheduled with Florida.

Update: 1:40pm CST - I had talked earlier about a fourth name that could possibly be interviewed by the University of Florida. According to a site called, Arkansas Razorbacks' head coach Bobby Petrino is the favorite to land the job.

Update: 10:53am CST - Just heard that Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and announced he would be back for his senior season. That definitely has to make Chris Petersen think twice about leaving. Or does it?

Update: 10:47am CST - Interesting article from Mike Bianchi from the Orlando Sentinel. The headling? "Dan Mullen is not the man for Florida Gators coaching job"

I know a lot of college football fans, especially those of you in Gator country, are wanting updates on Chris Petersen and the hiring process at the University of Florida.

So, I'll keep this thread open and update it throughout the day as I receive information. I'm not going to say that Petersen is the shoe-in for the job because I don't know that yet. However, I'll give you what I do know and you can draw your own conclusions or speculate however much you feel necessary.

I talked to a source out of Atlanta this morning and received some good details on what we knew last night.

From what he tells me, he has a reliable source that confirmed Petersen did in fact interview for the job but there were interviews that either are or will take place. Houston head coach Kevin Sumlin and Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen were mentioned there was a fourth interview that could take place but he didn't have the name readily available.

Also, something being reported by a radio show out of Atlanta (Wes Durham and Tony Barnhart), if Florida was to hire Kevin Sumlin, he would apparently bring with him Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen.

While Petersen's name has been linked to Florida, this source gave me even juicier information. Chris Petersen is apparently Penn State's number one guy and they're hoping he stays at Boise State for one more year so they can go after him after the 2011 season.

Again, I'll keep updating this thread with any new information I receive.

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