Friday, April 29, 2011

NFL Draft: Andy Dalton's Addition Signals the End of the Carson Palmer Era in Cincinnati

The decision was already made but the Cincinnati Bengals stayed in denial and were living on hopes and dreams that their quarterback, Carson Palmer, would return to the team instead of making good on his retirement promise.

When they drafted former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton in the second round of the NFL Draft, it was Cincinnati's way of giving up and realizing they had to pick up a quarterback. They couldn't go all in when they weren't holding the best hand.

There is no doubt Palmer was watching it all from home or heard it through the grapevine. When the news was finally delivered to his ears, his smile would probably make the Grand Canyon look like just a small crack in the ground. He knew he wanted and could retire but also knew the Bengals were hoping it was nothing but a bluff.

At this point, I would not be ready to hand the keys to the franchise over to a first year quarterback but I'm not sure they have much of a choice.

If Dalton is not going to be the starter when the 2011 season begins, if there's going to be a season, the only other quarterback the Bengals have is Palmer's younger brother, Jordan Palmer. They lose one Palmer only to have another still staring at them, reminding them of the quarterback who could have still been there.

With the lockout still in affect, until a ruling next week, there is really no indication as to what might happen with the 2011 season. But, for Andy Dalton, he will be ready to go if and when there is a season to play. There is no question he will be ready to take over as the team's starter if they ask him to do exactly that.

His numbers from his last few years at TCU speak for themselves but they do not translate into NFL success. The young quarterback will have to prove himself to his teammates and as a quarterback in this league.

While those in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex may believe in his capability and future he will quickly learn that he isn't playing college football anymore.

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  1. It's crazy to think he might play year 1 - but this Palmer situation certainly makes me think he will get some throws in this year - and if it's full games...I know I'll be watching with hope that Dalton impresses.

    Our family loves Andy Dalton - especially my two year old :-) { here's a video of her hearing the news }