Friday, April 29, 2011

NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys Came Close to Trading Back Into the First Round

The Dallas Cowboys got the man they needed but before the 2011 NFL Draft began, owner Jerry Jones and the rest of the Cowboys staff were busy working on other possible moves.

We knew they needed an offensive tackle with their first pick in the draft, something they got when they drafted Tyrod Smith out of USC, but what you may not have known was the trade that could have moved them further back in the first round.

According to two different sources I spoke to earlier yesterday afternoon, a trade between the Cowboys and the New England Patriots was being discussed. The deal would have given New England the Cowboys' ninth pick in order for them to draft Cal defensive end, Cameron Jordan, who eventually was taken off the board at pick number 24 to the New Orleans Saints.

After drafting Smith, there were reports that Dallas was talking to several other teams about trading back into the first round. According to reports, they wanted defensive end Cameron Heyward out of Ohio State. He would have been a guy the Cowboys could have inserted into their defensive line right off the bat.

But, neither the deal with New England, or any other deal, went down so Jones and his staff will get ready for the second round of the draft which will get underway early Friday evening.

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