Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dez Bryant a No-Show to Dallas Cowboys Team Workout

Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Dez Bryant just can not seem to keep his name out of the news. Whether it's getting into a verbal confrontation with Dallas police at an upscale shopping mall or owing thousands of dollars for jewelry he didn't pay for.

Over the last few weeks the stories surrounding Bryant seemed to have died off and the conversations about him on sports talk radio also grounded to a stop.

Dez Bryant Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys
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Until, that is, the media found out Bryant did not show up to a workout put together by the Dallas Cowboy players.

The location was unknown and while quarterback Tony Romo refused to say who was there and who wasn't, a source leaked it to the Dallas media that one of the no-shows was in fact Dez Bryant. It relit the already short fuse some of the fans, and media alike, have for the 2010 first round draft pick.

Drama started his career with the Cowboys after the "shoulder pad gate" after Bryant refused to carry Roy Williams' pads. That incident alone was blown into a story that never should have been as big as it was. Then there was the incident at NorthPark Centre followed by the money owed for jewelry.

It has not been a good off season for the second year wide receiver. There are things he could have done to make sure his name didn't stay synonymous with negative press.

The best thing Bryant could have done for himself was to show up to this team workout. He could have done everything in his power to make sure he was visible at the workout and made absolutely sure people knew he made the decision to be there.

We do not know what kept him from being at the workout and it's what makes this particular story a slippery slope because we have nothing but assumptions at this point. He could have had an absolutely legitimate reason for not being there.

But because of everything Bryant has been through and because of all the negative press that has surrounded his name, the assumptions of those who hear he wasn't at the team workout are going to be that he just decided he did not want to be there. Fans and media are going to assume the worst when it comes to Bryant.

Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones, prior to the start of the NFL Draft, was supposed to have a sit down meeting with his wide receiver. During a press conference, Jones made it clear he was going to discuss all of the things surrounding Bryant and make sure the two sides were on the same page.

When the date for the meeting came and went, Jones said the meeting had not taken place and when asked why Jones only responded by saying ,"their schedules had been mixed up."

There are a lot of frustrations with Dez Bryant since he was drafted by the Cowboys. There is no question he has tremendous talent and ability but his actions and decisions away from football could be a lot better.

If he can not stay out of trouble and if he continues to be a no show for the team workouts, one might wonder just how long the Dallas Cowboys are willing to keep explaining things away until they are forced to cut and run.

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