Friday, June 17, 2011

Will Case McCoy Transfer From Texas If He Isn't Named the Starter in 2011?

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In early May it seemed as if the Texas Longhorns and head coach Mack Brown had already chosen their starting quarterback for the 2011 season.

According to American-Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls, he was told by a source close to the team that Gilbert had already been notified of the news but wanted it to stay quiet so quarterbacks Connor Wood, Case McCoy, and David Ash wouldn't just go 'through the motions.'

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Almost a month and a half later, there is a very different tune being sung.

"No one has any idea" a source told Blake Munroe of "Why would they say who it was this early? I don't think we'll know until right before the first game."

Not only is this source saying no one really knows who the starting quarterback will be for the Longhorns, but there is an even more interesting story coming out of this.

McCoy, the younger brother of another former Texas quarterback, Colt McCoy, has apparently told people he is going to transfer from the university if he is not named the starter this season.

"If he doesn't get named the starter, then he's most likely out, this source told Munroe. "If he does transfer, he'll want those coaches to guarantee him a starting spot wherever he is going. You can't really guarantee anyone anything when it comes to the quarterback position, though, so I'm not real sure what his deal is. He's expecting everything to go his way."

It's one thing to have confidence in being able to land the starting role at one of the biggest college football programs in the country, it's quite another to almost expect it to be handed to him.

Confidence, moxie, productivity and a competitive attitude and swagger is just a few of the things listed in his recruiting profile.

Notice the first and last words it describes? It might the two things that eventually lead to Case being concerned more about himself than the university or the brother who's footsteps he thought he would follow.

While there is still time for this drama to play itself out, McCoy's transfer could be one of the biggest and most disappointing stories in college football before the season kicks off in September.

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