Thursday, March 3, 2011

Packers Close to a New Deal with Linebacker A.J. Hawk


Just 24 hours ago, news spread that the Green Bay Packers had released linebacker A.J. Hawk who was expected to make more than $10 million next season. Team general manager, Ted Thompson, told the media that the decision to release Hawk was a business decision but that the team was hopeful Hawk would be open to returning.

It was a shockwave around the NFL landscape and left even Packer fans wondering why the move had been made.

Well, fear not Cheesheads, as it looks like the two sides are close to a deal that will bring Hawk back next season but for a reduced rate according to CBS Sports.

Head coach Mike McCarthy told the Associated Press in an email that the two sides were "putting the finishing touches" on a new deal.

While the details aren't known as to whether it will be a one-year agreement or a multi-year deal, if indications are right at the agreement is completed today, expect some sort of press release to be sent out to the masses.

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